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Surprise on the valuation front of stocks in the big deflationary Trumpdepression. Most work out at zero !!!!!


February 26, 2020

Two strategies

- Work like a slave

or cut all expenses and put yourself in bed

Dead Canary

February 26, 2020

Apple, Amazon can go broke in Trumpdepression

Dead Canary

February 24, 2020

This is indeed the beginning of a 1929 style crash, china car demand - 90 percent in february.Trumpdepression : lack of demand due to demographic cliff,debt all time high and good white collar jobs gone

Dark Age

February 16, 2020

 A difficult future is waiting.....deflation, . Can 10% deflation a year be the new norm ?  Only misery.....do not take debt pls  Dead Canary 

February 16, 2020

US Household debt reaches a record high of 14.5 trillion $, Corona virus will strengthen Trumpdepression and Dark Age. Baltic dry dropped to a record low of 400.....And in Belgium, politicians understand that " Basically , it is over "

Dead Canary

February 9, 2020

Studio 100 : detailed analysis shows the company is close to lossmaking.
Vic Swerts has paid a " Tulip valuation ".

But he has money enough :-)


December 28, 2019

Enjoy X-mas and happy new year. 2020 will be just another year in the Dark Age

2020 misery, here we come with deflation ( jobs with lower wage ) and further Trumpdepression :-)

Dead Canary

November 22, 2019

Demography is destiny. What we are facing....... in one graph. The best canary graph ever in my view. A  young society creates inflation ( like in the mid 70's to mid 80's ), an aging society creates  deflation. As you can see deep winter action likely till 2022. It is going to get  very painful, like we already witnessed in 2016. THE graph of the Trumpdepression....keep this graph in mind. Will there still be canaries alive by 2022 ? Probably the voters of Trump sense...

November 19, 2019

So companies like Tata,etc firing workers in trumpdepression. Impeachment will make Trumpdepression worse…..

Dead Canary

November 12, 2019

Exxon and GE drained 1 billion in cash ytd, shows US economy is in a dangerous state.

Warned on this cie before, a good short in Trumpdepression.

Dead Canary

November 8, 2019

Man got shot dead in Antwerp for unpaid salary of a few hundred euros and shopping street more and more deserted. This is the Dark Age indeed.

IMF warns too things will get worse.

Dead Canary

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The Dead Canary is completely independent, only the canary god is his master and commander. This is a big asset in these strange times. Many people fear for their job or do not dare to speak up or are just not allowed anymore to speak .( Boss or corporate culture ).Or just do not want to speak anymore ( can be a very wise strategy ). And no obligation to write.

For corporations, we do complete analysis of your company, competitors, credit , investment projects and the likes. M&A plans, big

CAPEX plans, etc. Gives a sign at dead.canary@yahoo.com

For private people, we give true and honest analysis how to survive in tough times called trumpdepression. Financial related subjects.

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