Hi, i am Bart Beullens, founder of Dead Canary. Check also my Linkedin profile........Telephone nr is 0032.485.52.56.39

The canary worked 16 years at a bank. With hedge funds, etc. He knew in 2014 he would die. It was an adventure with up and downs :-) but an interesting and amusing one if you like canary business. Active in a european network of banks he wandered through many wild , recesionary waters, warned his partners in the south 97% of companies have bad balance sheets ( 75% overall in Europe ) . He worked in the interest of the client with a quality advice, never for my bonus, the canary had great fun and misery but in 2015 he did not sing anymore in his cage and mid 2015 the canary became sick in his cage...He knew he would not survive the big winter, that he would be eaten by the cat, so they took him out of the coalmine and gave him to the cat .The canary started in business in a commercial company as canary analyst in 1999, the peak of the canary bubble. The canary has seen business fraud, manipultions, threats he would loose his canary job by well known people, police investigations, warnings for good analysis , big financial risks for a canary wage ( it was a crazy canary )  and finally he died ....but the canary knows how to analyse, even as a dead canary now. The dead canary flies like an eagle over the investment opportunities. He once had the objective to follow every company in the canary world..........

Who is the dead canary ?

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