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Eternal 10 percent deflation is unbearable.....idd you will die sooner then you taught

Surprise on the valuation front of stocks in the big deflationary Trumpdepression. Most work out at zero !!!!! Life is shit  too.


March 30, 2020

Exxon, we warned you at dead canary !!! Just go broke because you were unwilling to finance the enery transit with your huge cash flow.....stupidity !!!!

Dead Canary

March 18, 2020

 A difficult future is waiting.....deflation, . Can 10% deflation a year be the new norm ?  Only misery.....do not take debt pls  Dead Canary 

February 24, 2020

This is indeed the beginning of a 1929 style crash, china car demand - 90 percent in february.Trumpdepression : lack of demand due to demographic cliff,debt all time high and good white collar jobs gone

Dark Age

October 31, 2019

Italy headed for default, Belgium probably too. Deutsche bank, BNP , still weak balance sheets ( leverage of more then 1 on 25 ). 75 percent of companies with weak balance sheet , so basically it is over........do not need to worry any longer :-) Have some farm land so you can grow your own stuff, learn to hunt , steal etc. Banks are just good for blowing up their cash registers :-)

Dark Age here we come

October 19, 2019

Reality of the nrs. Even Studio 100 is not safe in trumpdepression. If you exclude one off items, the company made a loss of 26 million in 2018. Balance sheet is 56 on 311, overleveraged like 75 percent off companies

Dead Canary

August 3, 2019

Trumpdepression is trumpdepression, Untergang is Untergang. Amazon still works out zero.....

Dead Canary

May 20, 2019

A society where lies and bullshit rule ( and silence of the optimists :-) ) and where the truth is not any longer tolerated is a bullshit society....... Time for some cleansing....

Dead Canary

May 13, 2019

Interesting interview on the valuation front of equities from the big three : Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and Bill Gates.....

Bill Gates : Equity expensive

Warren Buffett : Equity dirt cheap given interest rates

Charlie Munger : If they go down 90 percent  they would be cheap...but nobody wants that , he stated.

Our take : in deflation and with 250 million $ in debt in the world, valuation is an art not science.

March 31, 2019

The yellow vests are yellow canaries that are still alive. Good to see sometimes some signs that there are still canaries that are still alive and not silient. Painfull to see the rest of our western economies going into complete zombification like Japan.

Dead Canary

March 14, 2019

And if you think german companies will save us , forget it. Old cannoodles like Deutsche bank with its 43 trillion in derivatives, deutsche telekom , E.on, RWE, Thyssen with old pension balance sheet, VW with a leasing bubble, Bayer with zero free cash flow , forget it.Deutsche Post with a crumbling mail business.....It is called darkness that is waiting us.......Need massive intervention to avoid Trumpocalypse. ( And it even forgot the scam" Enron type "  Wirecard tha...

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The Dead Canary is completely independent, only the canary god is his master and commander. This is a big asset in these strange times. Many people fear for their job or do not dare to speak up or are just not allowed anymore to speak .( Boss or corporate culture ).Or just do not want to speak anymore ( can be a very wise strategy ). And no obligation to write.

For corporations, we do complete analysis of your company, competitors, credit , investment projects and the likes. M&A plans, big

CAPEX plans, etc. Gives a sign at dead.canary@yahoo.com

For private people, we give true and honest analysis how to survive in tough times called trumpdepression. Financial related subjects.

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