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Eternal 10 percent deflation is unbearable.....idd you will die sooner then you taught

Surprise on the valuation front of stocks in the big deflationary Trumpdepression. Most work out at zero !!!!! Life is shit  too.


April 1, 2020

In the US around 50 percent off the jobs are at risk of Corona. And the other 50 at risk due to Trumpdepression :-):-) Time for survival techniques : farming, fishing, hunting, stealing, marrying a rich,call girl, hoping the old family members get Corona :-), etc

You need to survive this he :-)

Dead Canary

March 31, 2020

Time to get the bear trackers again on the Nasdaq. Still needs to fall...80 percent in trumpdepression !!

Dead Canary

March 30, 2020

US and Europe should launch big infrastructure plans. You previously worked at a retailer or a bank. In your new life you work at the road….and be a good slave pls :-)

Dead Canary

March 30, 2020

Kinepolis, lesson with Cinemaxx forgotten ?  I taught you guys would never buy activities where the real estate is leased ????? Ouchie, Ouchie

Dead Canary

March 27, 2020

VW burns Eur 2 billion in cash per week for the moment.....Trumpocalypse !!

75% percent of western companies have weak balance sheets. We will be gardening and breeding rabbits soon in our garden !!

Dead Canary

March 26, 2020

Massive insider selling in ABI. THis sort of capitalism goes bust in TD !!!!

Dead Canary

March 26, 2020

The canaries take on skipping/stopping the dividend during Trumpdepression……..

Look, first : it is a sign of weakness to halt the dividend. See the godfather of value investing , Benjamin Graham, stated in " Security Analysis " it makes the company a Speculative Enterprise. So no good and might be a sign for investors of bad things to come. For exapample, Accell burned 60 million in 1H and his skipped the dividend : bad.

Why not skip salaries or reduce salaries by 50 per...

March 23, 2020

Boeing and Airbus, fighting for survival in 2020 after years of big dividends and share buy backs

Dead Caanry

March 19, 2020

Insider buying hits 10 year high after the crash. Idd some bargains are popping up. Discussion in the member section

Dead Canary

March 18, 2020

Demography is destiny. What we are facing....... in one graph. The best canary graph ever in my view. A  young society creates inflation ( like in the mid 70's to mid 80's ), an aging society creates  deflation. As you can see deep winter action likely till 2022. It is going to get  very painful, like we already witnessed in 2016. THE graph of the Trumpdepression....keep this graph in mind. Will there still be canaries alive by 2022 ? Probably the voters of Trump sense...

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The Dead Canary is completely independent, only the canary god is his master and commander. This is a big asset in these strange times. Many people fear for their job or do not dare to speak up or are just not allowed anymore to speak .( Boss or corporate culture ).Or just do not want to speak anymore ( can be a very wise strategy ). And no obligation to write.

For corporations, we do complete analysis of your company, competitors, credit , investment projects and the likes. M&A plans, big

CAPEX plans, etc. Gives a sign at dead.canary@yahoo.com

For private people, we give true and honest analysis how to survive in tough times called trumpdepression. Financial related subjects.

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