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Eternal 10 percent deflation is unbearable.....idd you will die sooner then you taught

Surprise on the valuation front of stocks in the big deflationary Trumpdepression. Most work out at zero !!!!! Life is shit  too.


April 8, 2017

Again typical action in Europe : a terror attack, two bail outs of italian banks. Italy is broke.Dark Ages......which will get darker.

European dead canaries

April 2, 2017

A few canary remarks : record inflows in ETF's in March, chinese steel stocks hitting 2 year high as the iron ore inventory, highest discounts on first hand cars in the US since 2009, life expectancy for white male starting to decline in the US.

The canary calls it the beginning of " Der Untergang ". Putting my dead canary strategy in action. 

March 31, 2017

Margin debt on the NYSE hits an all time high. Happens always before a big crisis. And this time it and we will not recover like in 2009. Dead canary

March 29, 2017

The robots are taking over : Blackrock goes robot for active advisors, even brick layers can be automated. Hiring in  the banking sector focuses more and more on digital .....or the " Untergang " for good paying middle class jobs. It is going to be a scramble for a stupid job. For those who doubt on the big deflation graph. Once you understand the graph and its implications, Dow Jones 5000 point by 2020.......We are dead canaries.

March 22, 2017

It is true, they will be breading canaries at the buildings in Canary Wharf. Finally, it will become something useful :-)

March 21, 2017

A few canary bits and pieces : US big banks top 1 trillion $ in market cap, used car prices sink most since 2008 and US retail sales 3 week of March tracking at minus 13%. Which nr will not hold : that of the 1 trillion in market cap for big US banks, looks like 1929.....

March 19, 2017

The decline is very visible in France if you ride through big cities like Metz, Nancy , Paris.  More and more turning into hellholes. The mountains are like beautiful as ever but a closer look lets you notice a few canary things : less lunch at noon, tables available at perfect places. The middle class is going through its own austerity. The canary

March 8, 2017

Assets in bear funds hit an all time low......all  dressed up for the crash of a lifetime...and it will never , ever come back, because the middle class is " crisised and technologized away ". Look at Boskalis, one of the most respected dutch companies, further cutting jobs at head quarters. It is over. Apple is not going to sell a lot of 1000 $ Iphones to the middle class. Already 50% in the US can not pay for 500$ unexpected expenses. The crash of our life and the st...

March 2, 2017

Man trows an axe through the window of our unofficial prime minister house Bart de Wever. Dark Ages indeed. The canary

February 27, 2017

US to hit the debt ceiling of 20 trillion $ on March 15. The government could be running out of money in the summer. Quid tax cuts, infrastructure plan ? Running out of money means deflation. Wal mart also preparing for a price war. Prepare the canary bunker :-) . The canary

February 25, 2017

And Trump is right too on Paris and Brussels, they have become rat holes. There is even graffiti on the buildings of the college where i studied. But after all, the canary followers know that after the Roman Empire came the Dark Middle ages.

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The Dead Canary is completely independent, only the canary god is his master and commander. This is a big asset in these strange times. Many people fear for their job or do not dare to speak up or are just not allowed anymore to speak .( Boss or corporate culture ).Or just do not want to speak anymore ( can be a very wise strategy ). And no obligation to write.

For corporations, we do complete analysis of your company, competitors, credit , investment projects and the likes. M&A plans, big

CAPEX plans, etc. Gives a sign at dead.canary@yahoo.com

For private people, we give true and honest analysis how to survive in tough times called trumpdepression. Financial related subjects.

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