The expected deep winter action in one graph : the best graph ever in my view. It tells it all.....m

Demography is destiny. What we are facing....... in one graph. The best canary graph ever in my view. A young society creates inflation ( like in the mid 70's to mid 80's ), an aging society creates deflation. As you can see deep winter action likely till 2022. It is going to get very painful, like we already witnessed in 2016. THE graph of the Trumpdepression....keep this graph in mind. Will there still be canaries alive by 2022 ? Probably the voters of Trump sense this, smell this .....The mission of the canary is to be a good advisor ( investment and people ) and to try to save lives.....because a lot of lives will be destroyed in the 1929 - 1933 remake.....These deflation figures means Dow Jones 5.000 because valuations of assets need to take this price pressure into account. The asset sale of a lifetime is underway. Not any banker will show you this.......Dead canary

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